What's in a word? (deuxième partie)

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I'm not going to rehash the original, but the issue does continue to cause problems in the community. Words have a meaning, when we dilute that meaning communication becomes difficult, if not impossible.

"Man, did you see that girl topping that guy?"

In that sentence, we have a few words that we have assumed meanings for, we assume girl means a female, guy means a male, and topping means she was doing something to the man.

But what happens if we follow current trends? Girl might mean a male taking a female role, or for that matter if it keeps going it could be any human. Guy could mean a female taking a male role or mean any human as well. And topping at it's current rate of slippage could mean anything, including just looking at them.

So with the words loosing their meaning we get "person, did you see the person doing something to that person?"

Which is kinda vague at best, words have meaning for a reason, they allow us to communicate, as we continue to allow people to confuse the meaning of the words, we talk more and more about less and less.

I for one want to continue to be able to communicate in a meaningful manner. So, when you read what I write, look to the REAL definitions, not the made up PC, feel good nonsense.

What are your feelings about the dilution of the language?

1 Jul 2011 00:00:00


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