Scene, Session or Play?

All three of these terms are used at varrying times for what we do, and other terms are used at times as well, I think which a person uses shows a great deal about what the person thinks of the BDSM lifestyle.

Many use scene, like a scene in a play or movie, it is set up, arranged, planned, and done according to a script, either sctrict or loose.

Others use sesssion, which is my personal preference, it tends to be more free form, the general path is selected, such as a spanking session, but the overall activities tend to be up to the Top/Dom to decide.

Some use play, as in we did some "S&M play" or we did some "D/s play". Tends to show they don't take it serious, which is not a bad thing, they are having fun, and if that is what is enjoyable for them, then that is what they need to do.

Which do you use or prefer, or do you use some other term?

9 Nov 2006 13:02:42


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