Being Gorean

I get asked often by many people, "What is Gorean?" Which is a hard one to answer at many times, like asking "What is being female?" Not sure one could answer that in a reasonable amount of time or with a reasonable amount of effort.

At it's basic most simple level, being Gorean is about being true to yourself and being the best you can be, never settling for less than you best effort, and expecting others to live up to their fullest potential as well.

Some will say, "What about all this talk of Gorean honor?" Well, that is a catch, what is honorable to me, may not be honorable to you, what is Gorean is to live true to our own personal sense of honor, or own code of ethics, I was trained as a Gorean warrior, which includes it's own set of codes and ethics, so honor is important to me personally, but outward honor may not be important to every Gorean out there.

And as the immortal bard said "To thine own self be true."

17 Aug 2007 13:04:51


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