Sub Drop

"Sub drop" is a feeling some bottoms get after a play session, either right after, hours after or even days later. It is a result of the bottom coming out of subspace or the fringes of subspace and their body chemistry returning to normal. Some of the effects of sub drop are also the result of the difference in attention from during the session to the amount after.

This is where part of proper aftercare is important, the top needs to keep in touch and continue to check on the bottom for days after the play session, if the top cannot keep contact, then they likely should not be playing. Responsibility is part of play, if you cannot deal with the repercussions of play, then, you should not be doing the play. Same is true for first aid or other problems that may come from play.

There will be possible emotional outbursts, crying, or even depression. The top will need to talk to the bottom, and possibly even make time to go hold the bottom to make them feel better. Sometimes there is only one instance of it from a play session, sometimes many.

Some people avoid public play parties due to sub drop because there is often more casual play with less of a chance for proper aftercare. some have even suggested that sub drop is more likely to occur at a public venue than privately where the bottom feels safe and secure to begin with.

Bottom should take this into account when choosing potential play partners. Qualities such as reliability, being caring, having the ability and willingness to be in touch after the play, and being someone you trust to hold you when you are emotionally vulnerable are all things a bottom should consider. Always do your homework before play, after is a bad time to learn that the particular top has left bottoms high and dry with no contact before.

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