One of these things is not like the other...

Say we had someone who had the following symptoms: Euphoria, content, decreased stress, increased sociability, increased feeling of closeness, reduced defensiveness, introspective, and enhanced tactile sensation. Later, maybe even for days, depression, increased anxiety, increased emotional sensitivity and an "afterglow". What am I describing the effects of?

We have all seen those effects on people, we tend to call it "subspace", "topspace", or "headspace". But those are actually the list of effects of the drug Ecstasy. They have a very similar set of effects, because intense play releases the same chemicals into our blood stream as the drug causes to be released, we just do it without the drug.

So, the effects are similar, out at clubs Ecstasy is used in ways similar to alcohol, to "loosen" a girl up, make it easier to get her to go to bed with the person. How many times have we seen in dungeons someone do an intense scene with someone who then convinces them to come home with them or do another more intense scene than they agreed to before they had all those lovely "feel good" hormones running through their system?

Is there anything we can do about this? Does it need to be addressed? Or is it just another one of those "fend for yourself" issues we seem to have far too many of in this lifestyle?

I really would like for people to comment, I know I am on record as sometimes taking safety "too seriously", but my background is one where I was taught it was better to be over-safe than not safe enough.

28 Apr 2011 12:00:00


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