Adrenaline Addiction "frenzy"

Adrenaline is a drug, albeit one our own bodies produce. A very addicting drug, and in many people one that can lead to numerous and life long problems. It creates feelings of intensity, makes us feel better, makes us more passionate, and engages our "fight or flight" instincts.

While we are in that mode, our other emotions, feelings and even some memories are suppressed, making it seem for a time that they have gone away. This is similar to people who attempt to drink away their problems.

There are also some serious ramifications to having too much adrenaline: cardiac disease, stroke, high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, diabetes, obesity, panic anxiety disorder, and major depression just to name a few.

Adrenaline addiction has many forms: Thrill seeking, workaholics, shopping addicts, edgy sexual practices, etc. That last form is of particular interest to people in the lifestyle, we all know people engaging in edgy behaviors. We also see it in other forms, forms we call other things, like "sub frenzy" and "top frenzy".

We have all seen or experienced some form of frenzy in the lifestyle, the need to play harder and more often, even the need to buy more and more toys. But it needs to be controlled and tempered, like anything moderation is good, but too much can be addicting or downright dangerous to our bodies and minds.

10 Feb 2011 12:00:00


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