What is a slave?

"'Though I am slave,' she said, 'yet for the first time in my life, I am free.'" - Norman, Nomads of Gor

The nature of a slave will of course depend on the nature of the master, but in general since slaves have certain features in common, there are some factors that can be discussed. A slave as used here is a submissive in a total power exchange relationship (TPE), while others may use the term slave for other types of submissives, I am of the opinion that only those in or desiring to be in a relationship where all the power is held by the dominant partner should use the term.

"Only in a collar can a woman be truly free" - Norman, Tribesmen of Gor

Seems a contradiction, but as any master or slave can tell you, it is a simple fact, the collar allows the woman to be herself, to allow her master to control her, guide her, it allows her sexuality to be open, not hidden.

A slave is not a doormat, nor is she weak, however she also has to put the needs of her master above her own and learn to obey him with trust that he knows what the outcome of his actions will be, sometimes he may not, but if she questions him or doubts him, she is not in the mindset to truly be a slave.

Often in this lifestyle, we see women saying they are slaves, yet they do not behave as such, they allow jealousy or other emotions to get in the way of them truly being of service to their master. If a slave is not making her master's life easier or more enjoyable, then what is she really doing?

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