What is a Gorean slave?

Women who want to be slaves often dream of days spent dressing nicely, doing their makeup and being shown off. They dream of being "forced" to one "slave orgasm" after another. They aren't thinking of cleaning toilets, doing yard work, washing dishes, taking out the garbage, or the often seemingly ceaseless waiting and loneliness.

They fantasize about being "forced" to go without panties or a gag, or have their master choose their clothes for them, but the fact that they may be forbidden to speak for days, weeks or months, denied any sexual release or throw away their favorite jeans never crossed their minds.

Their dreams of endless days with just their master may be lovely, but what about when he goes to visit family alone?

The fact is that slavery within the Gorean lifestyle is absolute, it is not a game, it is not a fantasy and it is far from easy.

Unlike most other forms of consensual slavery, in a Gorean master/slave relationship, there are no contracts, no negotiations, no limits, and no convenient ways "out" for the slave.

A Gorean slave is at the complete mercy of their master in all things, from what, if any, food, sleep, clothing or shelter the slave will be allowed, when and if they will be allowed to work or go to school, have children, have contact with friends or family, to what religion, if any, they may practice and all other aspects of their daily life.

Fantasy this is not, this is a harsh reality, more than most who play in the lifestyle can handle, this is not the realm of romance novels or "submissives" this is the realm of the true slaves.

8 Oct 2007 14:09:43


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