Confederate Flag

In the wake of the Charleston shootings by Dylann Roof, a number of very vocal people took up the issue of the Confederate battle flag flying at the SC state house. Many took up this issue to stir up racial tension for political reasons, a number of right infringing laws are working their way through congress while the nation is distracted. This is low and a reflection of the poor character of many of our elected leaders, before the murder victims were even in the ground they were trying to use their deaths to their political advantage.

Now almost a month has passed, so I feel like the issues can start to be discussed. Some people are blaming the flag for the deaths, kind of like people blame guns for deaths as well. Both are very flawed views, mentally unstable people will do bad things, blaming inanimate objects for their actions lessens the horror of their acts. I have no qualms about saying Dylann Roof murdered 9 people and should be held accountable for that.

Other people are saying that the flag should come down because it is a symbol of hate, not heritage, perhaps to some it is, the KKK does indead use the flag in a hateful way. They also use the American flag and the Cross, as well as claiming to be a "Christian" organization. Do you also target the other symbols they turn to their hateful ways?

Some say that the flag belongs in a museum, not flying "above the state house." Why do I put that part in quotes, because it shows the ignorance of some people, the flag has not flown above the state house for over a decade, it actually flies over a Confederate soldiers memorial, it was put there as part of a compromise to bring it down from the state house dome. It never belonged on the state house dome in the first place, but politicians do stupid things, then and now. Part of the museum argument is broken down by the fact that the flag has been taken down from Fort Sumter. So the flag no longer flies at a Civil War museum, the the very place the first shots were fired. This has gone beyond justice and moved on to vengeance and yet another attempt to rewrite history, where the south was totally wrong and the north was honest and true.

Maybe people need to be arguing about how history is taught in schools more than where pieces of cloth hang.

7 Jul 2015 10:48:00