Wrong way

A man was traveling down an old dusty path and meets another man along the way. The men travel together for a while until they reach a fork in the road and one man wants to go left, the other right. "That is the wrong way." one say to the other, but they go their separate ways anyway.

A little further down the man who gave the warning meets another traveler and walks with him a while. When the road comes to an intersection the new traveler wants to go straight ahead and is warned "That is the wrong way." The man goes on anyway, and the other man travels alone the rest of the way to town.

On the way back from town he meets the 2nd traveler again at the intersection. "Why did you not tell me this road lead to a cliff?" he asks. "I told you it was the wrong way." was the reply.

They travel down the road a bit until they come to the fork in the road, peering down the side branch they see the first traveler in quicksand barely hanging on to a log. When they rescue him he asks "Why did you not tell me there was quicksand?" The man's reply was "I told you it was the wrong way."

The moral of the story, if someone tells you that you are going the wrong way, maybe you should pause and ask why.

18 Jul 2008 11:39:56


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