The cost of a lie

Often when we lie, it seems such a small lie, told to protect someone's feelings, or to have some fun, or protect ourselves from being judged. But those little lies grow, and they aquire a life of their own, we loose control of it, and even loose sight of the boundery between truth and the lie.

We fear discovery of the lie, and it makes us not be true to who we are, other lies get told to cover the first lie and those new lies take on their own lives.

People judge us based on the lies we have told, thinking them the truth, they invest time in a lie, in an illusion, wasting their time, wasting our time.

The lie begins to control us, we begin to believe there is no way to tell the truth anymore, it has grown beyond our ability to make right.

But you can free yourself of it, and stop the mounting cost of the lie, by simply telling the truth, the truth of who we are, what we want, some will judge you harshly, but that is part of the cost, if they are truely your friends, they will stick with you.

Look in the mirror, see the REAL you, look to that inner truth of who you are, and what you need in your life. Stop the cost of the lies, and if everyone would, the world would be a far better place.

26 Jul 2006 08:40:00


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