Playing chess with the universe

Often when I look at the world I think in similar terms as I do when I play chess, "If I do A, then someone will do B.". The question of how well we can function in the world comes down to how well we can control our emotional responses and how far ahead in other's responses we can look.

As the great chess master Kasparov once said, "Normally, I would calculate three to five moves, You don't need more. But I can go much deeper if it is required."

Unfortunatly most people can only see what is in front of them, they act as though there are not consequences, no repercusions, each action you take sets other actions in motion, our lives are a string of choices, each built upon the prior "moves" we have made.

It gets even more complicated if you start to deal in personal actions, as a example, say you had a time travel device, you could go back and warn the US that the Japanese were going to attack, but then would we have fought with the tanacity we did after that attack? Perhaps by warning them, we would loose the war, sometimes the end result is too hard to read, and if you are not looking ahead at all, then you are definatly not equiped to interfere.

3 Jan 2007 13:29:20


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