Of purity and reality

Looking back of the years and reading a bit, I can see 3 major breakdowns in the people who claim to be Gorean; the purists, the pragmatists and the role-players.

The purists, view the novels as a way to live totally, they use the Gorean terms for things, such as Bosk instead of beef, paga instead of vodka, they hold true to the Gorean philosophy and live their lives in the manner a Gorean should.

The pragmatists know this is not Gor it is Earth, they still hold to the Gorean philosophy, but make allowances for the fact that this is not Gor, so food reatin their Earthly names, they realize that there are Dominant females and submissive males, not every man is, or is even capable, of being a Master.

The role-players are the group most people have seen and how Goreans are judged by outsiders, they pretend to be Goreans on Gor, flying on Tarns, fighting virtual battles for virtual territory, owning virtual slaves, who server them virtual food and drink, every group has their role-players, unfortunate that some groups are judged by them.

I find I fall mostly into the pragmatist group, I see no reason to call a slab of beef something it is not, but I can still hold very true tot he philosophy, because I see that is is right for me, it fits me.

13 Nov 2006 13:55:43


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