Wandering the net today, as I often do, I saw the abo" />


"Monogamy: Belief so strong that millions of people end perfectly good relationships in order to start another."

Wandering the net today, as I often do, I saw the above quote. Technically incorrect, as what it defines is actually serial monogamy, not simple monogamy.

"I think serial monogamy says it all." - Tracey Ullman

Many people do not realize serial monogamy is a form of polygamy, are you still with the first person you dated and have never been with anyone else? No? Then you are not in a strict monogamous relationship, if you are only with one person you may be a serial monogamist, which is a limited form of polygamy.

"Accursed from birth they be Who seek to find monogamy Pursuing it from bed to bed I think they would be better dead" - Dorothy Parker

I am a self labeled polygamous dominant, not because I "need" to have many, or even seek to have many, I simply know I leave the door open to love whoever comes into my life. We were told to love others as we love ourselves, when you truly do that, you will find the whole world is your family.

"Monogamy, by it's very definition, is like leaving the light on for a child who is afraid of the dark."

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