Been reading up on education today as well, told you I was working on assorted projects.

I knew the origin of our "modern" education system, but had not really studied it in depth, but it branched off my study on ADHD today, so read a good bit.

Our system was derived from the worst part of the Prussian education system, the part meant to make mindless followers, and is it any wonder the hunters do not fit in and have to be drugged into a zombie like state to "fit in", conformity is a problem not a goal, we should be encouraging the children to be their own person, to stand up for themselves, not let society walk over them.

Have you ever heard people say things like "What would people think?", "This is the way it is done.", or "I don't want to rock the boat.".

How many great people can you think of, how many of them broke the mold and did things their own way, would you prefer your children be sheep following along to the slaughter or trailblazers making their own path, to stand up at the end and truly be counted?

I will answer to God for my life and my choices, but I am not going to allow society to push me into a course of actions that feels wrong for me.

3 Sep 2006 17:11:00


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