Begging a collar

The term is used in the Gor novels a great deal, and most people recognize how a slave does it, but what of those who claim not to be slaves who do the same?

Imagine you are at work, your boss comes in and tells you that you will have to lie to your subordinates or clients? If you comply have you not "begged" your own collar? You have become a slave in action to someone else, sacrificing your own moral code for a job, stability, money.

What price do your moral values fetch on the market? Do you buy and sell them daily to a Master who does not have your own interests at heart? Do you pretend to get along, supporting and serving the needs of those you dislike simply because they are in charge?

Who gives them the power to control you? Only you can do that, you can get up and walk out. The choice to support someone in an action you disagree with makes them your Master, like it or not you will wear the collar you begged.

For a slave serving is known and expected, for someone claiming to be dominant or a master, perhaps they need to do some soul searching for the truth. A dominant will stand up when all others will not.

Serving others by your own choice on your own terms is acceptable, allowing others to dictate right and wrong to you is not.

18 Sep 2007 13:36:39


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