- Carl Gustav Jung

I wrote this big long blog entry on addiction," />

Addictions in the lifestyle

"Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism." - Carl Gustav Jung

I wrote this big long blog entry on addiction, and clicked submit, and it vanished. Gotta love the net sometimes.

We are all familiar with the common addictions, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, smoking. But within the alternative lifestyle we have other addictions that are just as bad, just as dangerous. The main one is adrenaline, a drug our own bodies produce, it is the drug that powers our fight or flight instincts. And like all drugs, in moderation it is fine, in excess it is dangerous.

What brings on these adrenaline rushes? Sadism, masochism, dangerous sex. And why are they dangerous? Each time it takes a little more to get the same high, the same rush, so the activities have to be taken to a higher level each time.

We all know why addictions are dangerous, an addict will lie, cheat, steal, do anything to get their next fix. Sometimes they will even do something totally out of character for them to get it.

How many "dominants" do we see in the lifestyle who are addicted to various substances? They lack one of the most important factors a dominant must have, self control.

We have all seen the alcoholic say they could handle just having a drink, and we know they are lying, so why do we trust the sadist who says he can keep from harming you?

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