Erotic Spanking

There are many reasons to give a spanking. Most are familiar with using spankings for a punishment, but within the scope of BDSM activity spanking can and often is a very erotic experience.

Spankings can be given over the knee, referred to as OTK, with the bottom standing and bent over, with the bottom on all fours on the floor or some raised surface, or any variety of other positions.

Spankings can be given with just the hand or with any number of implements such as paddles, belts, hair brushes, canes, rulers, riding crops, floggers, and any other item that comes to hand.

To understand why a spanking can be erotic, you must learn a bit about what the sensations do to them bottom. The ass is an erogenous zone, however the nerves are buried deeper than in other parts of the body, also, and this is especially true of females, the vibrations from the spanking can go through the bottom's body reaching the bottom's clitoris.

What works for one bottom may not work for another, so communication, and learning to read your bottom are key in making sure they enjoy the experience. For some the slaps on the ass will provide the needed sensations, for others you will need to provide a deep impact to send the vibrations deeper into their body, specifically in the direction of their clitoris.

There is also a psychological aspect to a spanking, the power exchange, even if only temporary, for some bottoms it may be enhanced by having their hands held behind their back or certain language being used to increase the feeling of submission.

The spanking should start slow and work it's way up, slowly warming up their bottom, something to experiment with is moving your hand at the moment of impact to cause the bottom's flesh to move, this will increase the sensations.

Do not be surprised if your bottom orgasms during a spanking, if it is done correctly many bottoms will enjoy it to the point of release, and really this is the objective of an erotic spanking.

Another way to increase the sensations is to rub your bottom or drag your nails over your bottom to change the sensations before your resume the spanking.

Aftercare is important, this can be simply rubbing the bottom down to cool them off, adding ice to the equation, holding them tight and letting them know how well they did, or whatever aftercare is suitable for your bottom.

As always, practice safe play techniques, bottoms you are not used to playing with definitely need safe words to let you know what is going on in their mind, and when you are getting to their physical limits.

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