Poems from 1998

As I lie here alone in my bed
Thoughts keep swirling around in my head
Thoughts of wants and needs and other things
Of hopes and desires of paupers and kings
Of basic needs there can be no doubt
Food and shelter we cannot do without
In matters of the heart things are less clear
Do we need or want a love so dear
Where is the line between need and desire
And where is the love I fell with such a fire
In the end all I need is the love of the rose
For whom I have endeavored to write this prose

- Jonathan Brazell, May 4, 1998

An eternity of bliss sealed in a single kiss
The love I feel makes all else seem unreal
A love that knows no bound, a love filled with sound
A love as sweet as a rose, a love unwilling to impose
A love Grander than the ocean is great has sealed my fate
True love's qualities I do expound, growing by a leap and a bound
A love as clear as a summer's day, a love there are no words to say
Fare love's blessings do multiply, while all obsticles fall by the wayside

- Jonathan Brazell, April 28, 1998

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