Why so serious?

This past weekend I attended a large fetish convention in Atlanta. Even during the event I started to feel a bit down, not your typical post-event feeling down, but something else. I noticed a great deal this weekend that many of the new people in the lifestyle are missing a great deal of concern for basic safety. I know, I know, some people are WAY too serious about things, but the other side of the coin is just as bad. I guess living through the AIDS scare and loosing friends to it makes a difference.

And yes the event was a big party type event, so you go in expecting a certain level of high school level stupidity. But I saw knives used in play scenes that I could tell were not properly cleaned, they looked clean to people who don't deal with knives often I am sure. I saw someone with needles all through their arm walking around the crowded dungeon, an accident waiting to happen, how often do people bump into each other in dungeons? I saw people I had seen earlier downing large amounts of alcohol at parties now in the dungeon playing hard. I saw people with dilated and glassy eyes playing. I saw cell phone cameras being used in the dungeon. All in all, I saw everything we preach to people not to do.

I doubt I will ever attend this particular event again, while the classes during the day were great, you could tell less than half the event attendees were in the classes. Most were sleeping in from a hard night partying, resting up for the next batch of parties. I had looked forward to this event, it's rare that my work and this event work out to allow me to attend, and part of me wishes I had not gone now, better to still have the desire...

I am still doing a bit of my post-con decompression, but I know that the bad will out way the good in the end for this particular event. I know from talking to other people all over that BDSM is not taken seriously most places, I guess this event just goes to show a bit more of that going on, with those of us who know better being outnumbered by all the new people who never took it serious to begin with.

27 Apr 2011 12:00:00


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