What's a lifestyle?

There are various definitions of the word lifestyle "A person's pattern of living as expressed in their activities, interests, and opinions" or "A way of life chosen by a person or a group" seem to be typical definitions for the term, but what does that mean for the alternative lifestyle?

For it to be a "lifestyle" it has to be a part of your way of life, going to the dungeon and playing on the weekend is a recreational activity, not a lifestyle. You cannot maintain bondage or S&M as anything ongoing, they are activities we engage in, so we have to disregard them as well. Kinky sex while being really great, is also not something that can be maintained.

So, what are we left with? Power exchange, in some form, at some level, power exchange needs to be involved to be a "lifestyle", it is the only thing that can be a way of life. Does this mean people who are not into power exchange cannot be part of the lifestyle? This one I would be interested on other's points of view on.

23 Mar 2009 17:26:01


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