To those who are the loved-ones that I have yet to know
To those whose noble names I bear, whose light within me bu" />

To those who came before me

"To those who came before me in seasons long ago
To those who are the loved-ones that I have yet to know
To those whose noble names I bear, whose light within me burns
To them in gratitude shall my heart be turned

To those whose lives of courage prepared the way for me
Whose works became my heritage, whose harvest I may reap
Who left for me a legacy that I have yet to earn
To them in gratitude shall my heart be turned

To those who came before me in days and years long past
To those who are the family that I shall know at last
To those who seek the blessings of the truth that I have learned
To them in gratitude shall my heart be turned"
- Sally DeFord, To Those Who Came Before Me

We, each of us, is the sum of our history, the good, the bad, the indifferent. We are a sum of experiences, positive and negative, each new experience changing our world. I have had the benefit of having some very skilled and good people in my past give me their knowledge and experiences freely, so that I would have to repeat their mistakes, but to make all new ones, to travel new realms and new worlds.

"You have to know the past to understand the present." - Dr. Carl Sagan

I see each day in society, people so busy doing they don't look at the big picture, the past and how it can act as a guide to prevent us making the same mistakes over and over in our lives. People too busy looking at their own feet to notice that they and many others are walking the same path that many others have, not able to stand tall and see where they are going, but too proud to ask for directions or even take directions freely given.

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." - Isaac Newton

In the alternative lifestyle we have a rich history to draw upon, but much of it has been forgotten in this new digital age, amazing how easing communications would actually result in a loss of knowledge, people choose to repeat the same things that others have already done, without bothering to look and see how they did them, and so they suffer and have difficulties that could have easily been avoided by simply stopping to listen and learn.

"History is a set of lies agreed upon." - Napoleon Bonaparte

But not all that is available out there is accurate, that is why much of our history is lost, easy communications has allowed anyone to write their own version of history, only by checking the source can you determine how likely it is that their story is true. Someone who has been in the lifestyle 20 years will be more likely to have a more accurate view of history than one who has 10 years or even 5 years. Everyone leaves tracks in this modern age, if you can't find a reference to someone 10 years back, odds are they were not in the lifestyle 10 years back.

"History repeats itself, has to, nobody listens" - Steve Turner

I am not always right when I advise people. But the advise comes with a great deal of experience and knowledge behind it when I give it, if it is as subject I am not confidant on, I will say I don't know or refer them to someone I know who does know that subject. If I were working wood and a master craftsman came up and told me I was doing something wrong I would ask why he thought that, because I know there will always be someone around more experienced than I am.

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