Community (part the second)

OK, to delve into community a bit more, do we in the lifestyle have a community, yeah, sort of. It might be immature, chaotic ans dysfunctional at times, but it's a community.

But, do you feel you are a part of a community? Well Dr. David M. Chavis came up with a survey method of determining that, it is a set of questions that you score to determine how much a part of a community you feel like you are. It's called the Sense of Community Index (SCI), there is also a second version (SCI-2) that has more questions.

Modified for the lifestyle it would be: (score 1 for each true statement)
Q1. I think my local BDSM group is a good place for me to be.
Q2. People in my local BDSM group share the same values I have.
Q3. Other local people want the same things from the local BDSM group that I do.
Q4. I can recognize most of the people who are in my local BDSM group.
Q5. I feel at home in the local BDSM group.
Q6. Most of the members of the local BDSM group know me.
Q7. I care about what other members of the local BDSM group think of my actions.
Q8. I have influence over what the local BDSM group is like.
Q9. If there is a problem in the local BDSM group the members can get it solved.
Q10. It is very important to me to be a member of the local BDSM group.
Q11. People in the local BDSM group generally get along with each other.
Q12. I expect to be a member of the local BDSM group for a long time.

Subscales for focusing on certain issues:
Reinforcement of Needs=Q1+Q2+Q3
Shared Emotional Connection-Q10+Q11+Q12

While some of these questions will reflect on the individual more than the group, they do give a sense of how much a person feels they are part of the community.

So, what's you score?

29 Jun 2011 12:00:00


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